Interview with J.E.B. Spredemann

Hello J.E.B. It’s nice to meet you. We’re so happy to have you at the Mine today. I found out when doing some research the J.E.B. stands for Jennifer, Emily and Brandi. J Are we talking to all three today, or just Jennifer?
It’s just me, Jennifer. Thank you for having me!
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself (selves)? What books do you have in the works, and what book are you giving away this week?
My first book released in November of 2012 and has done wonderfully. God is so good!
So far this year, we’ve released Leah’s Legacy (Amish Girls Series – Book 8), and Learning to Love – Saul’s Story. I have a book due to release in September. It is book three in the Amish Secrets series, and is titled A Secret of the Heart. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Other books releasing this year include another novelette in the Amish Fairly Tales series and a Christmas novella from the Amish Girls Series.
Our books are available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook and can be purchased here:
I am intrigued by the thought of a book written by three people. Are you sisters?
I am the mother and Emily and Brandi are my teen daughters. The Amish Girls Series (a primarily teen series) is penned by all three of us, while the other books are written solely by J. Spredemann. (I kept the name so as not to confuse readers.)
Tell us some of the hardships of writing with others, and then some of the rewards. J
There aren’t many hardships. Once in a while, we’ll have a difference of opinion on how something should go.
Rewards are numerous. If you get stuck at a certain place, you can just hand it to the next person. There’s always someone encouraging you to keep going. Three sets of eyes usually work better than one.
I also learned you write Amish fiction. I’m excited to find one of your books and devour it. J
Yep, I enjoy writing about the Amish. Their lifestyle is intriguing. I’ve learned many interesting things in my research. If you’re looking for a book, An Unforgivable Secret is currently FREE on Amazon, as is Danika’s Journey.
What made you decide to move to southern Indiana? Was it for the express purpose of the Amish Community?
Partially. Ever since I visited Pennsylvania at age twelve, I’ve wanted to move out this way. We decided on southern Indiana because we believe this is where God led us.
Did moving across country affect your writing in a good way, bad way, or not at all?
I think there’s a good and bad side to just about everything. I choose to focus on the good. Yes, it was a little unsettling but I prepared myself for that. Now that I’ve settled in a little more, I’ve been able to focus on writing. Moving has provided new opportunities I never imagined, such as being involved in the making of the Amish-themed documentary, Breaking the Silence, which is due to release in February. You may view a trailer for the film here:
What made you want to be a writer?
Oh boy! I have no idea. I’ve always loved writing and dreamed of writing my first book in high school. Only until recently has that dream become a reality.
What were some of the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals?
We began writing at an inopportune time, as far as publishing is concerned. I’d scoured through Writer’s Digest books to look for publishers accepting manuscripts. None of them took unagented manuscripts, so the next step was to look for an agent. I found a small handful of agencies that might, which turned into one, that was accepting manuscripts. I contacted them and was informed my manuscript was not the length they desired.
At this time, I felt a sense of urgency and really wanted to get my story into readers’ hands. So, I weighed my options and jumped into Indie publishing with both feet. I think it was the best decision I could have made and I thank God for leading me in that direction.
Thanks again for joining us today. This has been an awesome interview. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. J

11 thoughts on “Interview with J.E.B. Spredemann

  1. Jackie, only the Amish Girls Series books were co-authored with my teen daughters. The others were penned solely by myself, with God's help of course. I kept the J.E.B. because I thought changing the name would be confusing.


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