Talkin’ Turkey with Jude Urbanski!

Yes! Jude Urbanski is with us this week! And, yes, she’s a fellow Hoosier, (woo-hoo!) transplanted, but still part of the left sock state,(shamelessly copying Michigan’s nickname moniker here!) and we’re all thankful to have her. If you’re not acquainted with her, take a break from your holiday cooking and pull up a chair. You’re in for a huge treat! (post by Peggy Trotter)

PT:  Hello, Jude! So exciting to have you here on the Diamond Mine! So much to discuss,but let’s start with the basics. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Judy Urbanski

Judy Urbanski

JU: I’m a wife, a mother,a grandmother, and a sister! I have lived in the Midwest all my life, but have traveled nearly all over the world. I began writing seriously after retirement from nursing. A strong faith guides and directs me! We have several writers in the family.

PT:  I’ve met a lot of writers who begin writing later in life and that is so interesting to me. Perhaps it’s because they’ve seen God pull them through so many obstacles.  You’ve had some major struggles in your life.  What gave you the courage to overcome these obstacles? 

JU:  Early on, I surely hadn’t anticipated what life would bring, but, my story is not unique, it is simply my story. It’s no surprise tragedy is universal and grief is evergreen. Would that everyone turned to God at such times for He certainly is on the journey with us. He gave me the courage then and still ‘gets’ me through. Family and friends all help one through hard times.

PT:  So true.  Why don’t you tell us a little about your books?

JU:  Here’s the tagline: “Young mother feels God has played a cruel joke with the needless death of her Vietnam vet husband on the steep mountain curve, and in her anger, almost misses love of rich widower, no stranger to loss himself.”

I write inspirational women’s fiction with romance elements, but let me say, I’m a Southern Yankee. I was born in the south, raised in the north, but forgot to bring along my heart.  My series, called The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing, includes two books, Joy Restored and Nurtured in Purple, and is set in Tennessee. Chanute Crossing is a fictional town based on the spot in the road called Chanute, where I was born.

An additional tidbit is that during the Great Depression, my mother also wrote love stories set in the same area and with military heroes as well. In fact, her short story, My Cabin Home, is offered free by my publisher Desert Breeze with purchase of my book in electronic format. She wrote sweet, pure romance and was offered publication by a New York vanity press, but who could afford that in the Depression?

Joy Restored introduces Kate Davidson, a fresh, young widow of a Vietnam vet who came home, but never got over the war. Her anger at God plunges her weak faith into a long, dry patch until handsome, sawmill owner Seth Orbin rescues the little family during a terrible storm while they were picnicking on the mountain. Will Kate refuse God’s healing and Seth’s love or will death steal Seth from her as well?

Nurtured in Purple picks up the saga of the Chanute Crossing characters. The two novels were great fun to write! I fell in love with my characters, especially Seth, whom I based on my son’s gentle character. I used my ancestral family names, showcased the beauty of the area and showed that redemption does shine brighter on a darker canvas.

PT:  How interesting!  I’ve always entertained that writing may be partially hereditary. Are you working on anything currently?

JU:  Love that you asked! I’m doing a blend of things right now. I have a contemporary romance novel set in Jamaica that is pre-published, I’m doing free-lance articles as well as building my editing service (Urbanski’s Editing). Always something fun going on!

PT:  Great diversity! A writer is well versed in multi-tasking. Now let’s do something quick and fun. Give four of your favorite obsessions!  Ready-GO!

JU:  My favorite obsessions are


       *People and Places



PT:  Oh, that generates a million more questions! But we’re out of space and time. Thanks so much for being with us this week, Jude. May you have a terrific day of thankfulness with your family!

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Joy Restored

Joy Restored

Nurtured in Purple

Nurtured in Purple


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